Visual texts reflection

Today we studied when language first came into use and what the early types of communication were. Back when cavemen lived and thrived they used cave paintings and drew on walls to communicate with eachother. The egyptians were the first civilization to create a functioning language which can be found and seen today. However i doubt they were the first to make and use words. As they would have needed something to base their language off of. Before words they used drawings, hand signals and random noises in order to communicate with one and other. Nowadays we have many intricate languages. All have different words and sounds within them. We even have sign language. If we are not close enough to talk, then we can use electronics to communicate. We have come an extremely long way in terms of communication. We can now communicate with people on the other side of the world with the click of a button. Ever since the first computer was invented we opened up a whole lot of new opportunities for communication. Maybe one day we eill be able to speak to life forms on other planets. Our possibilities for communication are expanding everyday. And we are part of the revolution.

Steady hand game

This is my buzzer that we made in electronics. We used wire, fencing wire, heat shrink, solder, LED, battery, battery adapter, buzzer, soldering iron, heat gun and hot glue to acheive the end product.


Heat shrink-  heatshrink is a mechanically expanded plastic tube ordinarily made of nylon or polyolefin, which shrinks in one plane only (its diameter) when heated to between one-half and one-sixth of its diameter.


Buzzer- an electrical device that makes a buzzing noise and is used for signalling.